Tutorial: Jelly and yoghurt delight

Delightful jelly and yoghurt with fruits to enjoy, use for a party or to entertain guests. Make in a slanted style or in a gradient layered style.


  • Strawberry jelly packet,
  • Lemon jelly packet ( to make the layered jelly style),
  • canned fruit or fresh fruits,
  • Yoghurt- Natural yoghurt
  • boiling water,




  • Electric kettle
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Disposable cup
  • Drinking Tumbler/glass cup
  • Fridge



Step 1: Boil water in a kettle. Cut the strawberry jelly in a bowl.


Step 2: Pour water on the jelly and mix until the jelly dissolves. NOTE: don’t make the jelly too light because we need it to set firmly(To take shape).


Step 3: Cut a part of the disposable cup. Pour the jelly into the glass. Place glass in a slanted position on the disposable cup and then put inside the fridge( the ridge at the base of the fridge prevented the glass from slipping).

jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-6jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-7 jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-8

Step 4: When jelly is set, Put the yoghurt inside(this fills the empty slanted side of the glass).

jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-14 jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-12jelly-and-yoghurt-delight-image-17

Step 5: Add fruits to garnish the jelly and yoghurt delight.



To make the layered jelly

  • After mixing the jelly in step 1 and 2 , pour the jelly into a glass and leave  in the fridge to set.


  • Following step 1 and 2, mix the lemon jelly .



  • When the strawberry jelly in the glass is set, add the lemon jelly mixture and put in the fridge to set


  • Add the yoghurt to the jelly and garnish with fruits.




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