Class: Learn the Business of Commercial Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani on Creativelive at 9 AM PST on March 1-2 2017

The art of Commercial/business Food photography with Andrew Scrivani on Creativelive at 9 AM PST on March 1-2 2017.

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Ready to get paid to take photos of food?

From his extensive work in The New York Times, Eating Well, and best-selling cookbooks for legendary chefs, Andrew Scrivani knows the business of food photography and he’s about to share all of his secret ingredients in his upcoming class.

On the menu:

  • Essential pitching and presentation skills to land gigs in the industry.

  • Techniques to promote and network to grow your client list.

  • Essential communication techniques with chefs, stylists, vendors, and clients on set and off.

  • The right pricing strategy to make a living doing what you love.

Join us for: The Business of Commercial Food Photography on March 1-2 at 9 AM PST.


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