Craft me a toon: Mr Snowman in “The product launch”

Craft-me-a-toon is a fun way of illustrating conversations in the craft community.

Mr Snowman in “The Product launch”.


Mr snowman sits on his bed watching craft TV. It is the launch of a new Licensed product.


His eyes change to the Dollar sign as ideas of how to use the product and make profit flood his brain.

Mr Snowman: They are selling Big Mouse-D’s dies for crafting! I will buy. I will make tons of money back. I will sell to friends, colleagues, sell in craft fairs, charity camps, etc.
Where is my Debit card? Oh! no! I am out of funds!
Where is that Credit card? I am going to buy the big bundle £999 and then, make £1,000,000. Oh yes! One million pounds.
I will be a millionaire and then leave my day job.
Oh! where is that bank manager that keeps telling me I have a mortgage to pay? He will see me in millions.
When the other series of the product comes out,
I will buy more and sell my crafty makes, and then I will use the profit to buy a jet.
I am going to be so famous and very, very, very wealthy.
I will do paper piecing, die cutting, rubber stamping and then combine different techniques.
Riches in craft! I hear you calling my name….laughing out –heeeeheeeheee. Here I come!


The product launch part 1


Mr Snowman: I am off to register in craft fairs.
I will be rich!
£3 per Big Mouse- D card.
I will use different techniques and different shapes.

I will use these products on cake, T-shirts, stamped quilts, you name but a few.
If you don’t buy my cards, You will buy my cakes T-shirts, napkins, lampshades, stamped quilts etc.


At the fair

Trading standard (TSA) employee talking to a Big mouse-D employee while Mr Snowman eavesdrops.

TSA employee: We haven’t caught people using Big mouse-D’s products
It seems like these crafters are obeying the law.
I need to be vigilant.

The Noticeboard on the wall reads:

Regardless of when the licensed products have been purchased,
these products may not be used by consumers to sell or distribute any
items they produce using the craft products outside the private, family sphere.
– Big Mouse- D


At the registration table

( Mr Snowman greets the officials).

Registrar 1: What are you registering?

Mr Snowman: Greeting cards, My man!

Registrar 2: Hope no licensed goods?
If you have licensed products especially Big mouse-D, we need to see your license.

Thinking to himself (Mr Snowman)

God, help me! I pray that, if I don’t get caught,
I will read the Bible and go to church.
God, please! I’m scared and I am melting!
My snow is failing me!
Please, God!

The product launch part 2

Mr Snowman: I can’t apply for the fair again. I just changed my mind.
Hope there is no problem?
I need to see my doctor first and reschedule.


Mr Snowman (thinking aloud) on his way out of the craft fair.

Mr Snowman: I  can join these TSA or Big Mouse-D and catch defaulters.
Then I will be paid some cash.
I should have listened when those crafters were saying that you can’t sell.
Even Big Mouse-D’s reply was laminated on the wall in the fair.
Oh! I would have lost everything!
My family will never forgive me!