Tutorial- Cookie cutter Chicken pie: Full of heart valentine’s day chicken pie

An admirable and delicious chicken pie to make for valentine’s day. Heart shape cookie cutter has been used to make the dough heart shape upper crust of the pie.

Enjoy a pie topper with a “full of heart effect” by using a heart shape cookie cutter to cut out dough heart shape.


Plain flour

Butter: salted and unsalted


Diced chicken breast

Sunflower oil for frying

Chicken casserole recipe mix

Egg x1 for glazing

full of heart pie image 1



Oven: middle layer 150 degree Celsius

Heart shape baking pan

Heart shape cookie cutter

Pastry brush

Electric mixer with dough hook

Rolling pin


full of heart pie image 2

STEP 1: Heat the oven. Fry the diced chicken breast in hot sunflower oil until a little brown. Mix flour and butter together until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Add water and mix to a soft dough(not too soft).

full of heart pie image 3

STEP 2: Roll out the dough on a lightly floured work surface. Grease the heart shape baking pan with butter. Roll the dough around the rolling pin( this makes it easier to cover the baking pan). Place the dough on the rolling pin, over the heart shape baking pan.

full of heart pie image 4

full of heart pie image 5

STEP 3: Do not stretch the dough to arrange it, instead lift the edge of the dough and let the dough drop into the pan (as shown in the picture below). You will notice that the dough takes the shape of the pan without being stretched. It creates a neat base.

full of heart pie image 6full of heart pie image 7full of heart pie image 8

STEP 4: Mix the chicken casserole recipe mix with water, Put the fried diced chicken and then pour the casserole mixture on the chicken.

full of heart pie image 9full of heart pie image 11

STEP 5: Roll the dough. Cut out heart shapes using the heart shape cookie cutter. Cover the chicken filling(for the pie) with the cut-out heart shape dough.

full of heart pie image 12full of heart pie image 13full of heart pie image 15full of heart pie image 16

STEP 6: Trim the side dough using a knife. Beat one egg and then apply it to the pie using the pastry brush( this is called glazing and it gives the pie that golden colour when baked).

full of heart pie image 17full of heart pie image 18full of heart pie image 19

STEP 7: Bake pie for 45-50 minutes in the oven. Remove pie from the baking pan when it is ready.

full of heart pie image 20full of heart pie image 26full of heart pie image 25





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