The Mice can now boast of colouring books as Joanna Sheen launches House-Mouse colouring books

Joanna Sheen launches House-mouse colouring books.

Read the press release below.

We are so thrilled to bring you our latest House-Mouse products, two beautiful colouring books, each with 30 designs. House-Mouse and colouring are two very popular things, so why not combine them? All you need is a good set of pencils, and we have plenty of those to choose from on the website.

Joanna has been working with the House-Mouse team, including designer Ellen Jareckie, for many years and knows just what designs people love, these have been brought together in these two beautiful books that have the designs printed in full colour on one side of the page, and line drawing on the opposite. The books themselves are superb quality, thick pages and just crying out for your colours. If you are worried about not getting our cute mice colours right, fear not, each book has the names, pictures and descriptions of each character inside the front and back covers.

Vol 1 Has a cute image of Muzzy on the front, sharpening pencils as only he knows how. Inside is a dieter’s nightmare, such cute pictures with food related images such as boxes of truffles, yummy doughnuts, little chocolate eggs, big birthday cake and fruit. Of course there are many other designs too that are not food related, such as bunny snuggles, mouse school, lots of flowers, sewing, gardening, cat bathing, mouse babies, birds, Christmas, Easter and autumn images. There are two designs on each page with the colour versions, to follow, right next to them.

Vol 2 Has a sweet image of one of the mice giving another a bunch of flowers on the front. Inside there is more food related designs (well they are mice) such as our little friends sharing fruit tarts with birds, overindulging on cupcake, a fabulous Easter Egg, more overindulging on chocolates and some great fruit images. This volume does go through the seasons a little more, covering spring, summer, autumn and winter, I especially love the lucky four leaf clover, the little trick or treaters and the cosy Christmas designs. There are also some images of baby weighing, sewing, knitting and even cat grooming.

I could go on about the images, but with 60 between the two books, it would take forever. If you love House-Mouse, if you love colouring, then these are for you. These designs are so cute and will make you smile as you bring them to life .