Tutorial- Craft of stencil cardmaking: Coloured Blue tit(Garden bird) greeting card using the PlaidCrafts (Plaid Enterprise®) bird on branch stencil

A beautiful inspiration using the PlaidCrafts( Plaid Enterprise) bird on branch stencil in colouring.

You can use this bird stencil to illustrate the different type of birds.

Materials needed

  • Plaid Enterprise® bird on twig stencil
  • Picture/photograph of a bird (for reference)
  • Liquid glue- Uhu
  • Cardstock- Brown x1, Blue x1, White x2
  • Colour pencil- blue, dark blue, green, yellow, gray, black, brown
  • Masking tape

STEP 1: Place stencil on a white card. Secure the stencil to the cardstock with a  masking tape placed at the edge of the stencil.

STEP 2: Trace the bird image. Remove the stencil.  With the colour pencils, trace details on the bird and leaves- bird -blue, leaves -green and branch -brown.

STEP 3: Colour the bird using feathery strokes.

STEP 4: Color the leaves in green pencil and the branch in brown . Add shades to leaves.


STEP 5: Trim the white card and then glue to the blue cardstock. Leave a little border around( see picture).

STEP 6: Glue to the painted bird topper to the brown cardstock. Trim the brown cardstock and leave a border around.