Tutorial: Delicious pancake and fruit with no sugar added, fit for Mother’s day breakfast in bed

Pamper mum with this delicious pancake on Mother’s day. No sugar needed because the sauce and fruit will supply the taste.

Dad, you have no excuse about the sugar quantity……laughing.


Plain flour- 110gms

Eggs – fresh x2 or 1 (your choice)

Water- if using powdered milk- 0.15litres

Butter salted or unsalted to grease the pan.

To serve

Whole cranberry sauce or Applesauce( sauce of your choosing)

Sliced peaches-canned

Sliced apples or strawberries( optional or fruit of your choosing)


Cooker – I use electric hobs

Frying pan

Fish slice utensil

Dinner fork and knife

Dinner plate



Step 1: Put flour and powdered milk in a bowl (if you are using liquid milk then wait until it is time to add water).

Step 2: add the eggs to the flour and mix.


Step 3: Add the water( or liquid milk) and whisk until the batter is not lumpy.

step 4: Put the cooker on a low heat( this prevents the butter from turning brown quickly and the pancake from burning quickly). I use 4 on my electric hob instead of 6(hottest). Add the butter to grease the pan.

Step 5. Using a spoon ( so as to control the quality), pour batter into the pan(greased with butter) on the cooker.

Step 6: Allow the pancake to heat. You notice the sides start changing and it seem that it is cooking through to the surface.  Turn the pancake using a fish slice utensils and a fork( if you are not comfortable flipping the pancake), to allow the other side to cook.

To serve: Serve with Sliced peaches, sliced apples and applesauce or cranberry sauce or golden syrup.

Pancake served with cranberry sauce, sliced apple and sliced canned peaches
Pancake served with applesauce, sliced apple and sliced canned peaches





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