Tutorial- cream cheese, coconut and chocolate pop: It’s just chocolate pops!

Enjoy cheesy and coconut chocolate pop with children in this step by step tutorial with pictures.


Plain chocolate 100gm x5 (500gm)

Icing sugar x 200gm

Soft cheese  200gm x 2(400gm)

Icing sugar



Plastic Sweet pop sticks

Sweet pop stand



Bowl- microwavable



To decorate: desiccated coconut


STEP 1: Break the plain chocolate in a bowl. Pour water in a pot. Put the pot on the cooker to boil. Place the plate with chocolate over the boiling water and then stir the chocolate until it melts.

STEP 2: Sieve the icing sugar into a bowl and then add the soft cheese. Mix into a soft paste.

STEP 3: Stir the melted chocolate into the cream cheese icing.

STEP 4: The Cream cheese will make the chocolate mixture soft. Scoop a little of the chocolate mixture on your palm and roll to form a ball. Spiky texture effect can be achieved by the softness of the chocolate between the palm.

STEP 5: Put the chocolate ball in the sweet pop sticks and then place on the stand to dry. You can place it in the fridge.

STEP 6: Alternatively, roll the chocolate ball in desiccated coconut.


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