Trending: From colours palettes to the fashion community Bohemian design is currently trending in the craft and fashion world

Bohemian design is currently trending in design competitions, fabric designs, jewellery, graphic, fashion design, colours and much more.

Recently, there has been designing competition with the Bohemian theme, Spoonflower presented a Bohemian design contest to its designing community.

Fashion Formula also had a design contest with the theme Bohemian.

Fire mountain gems have a “Summer Bohemian” trend jewellery alert for their community.

In card-making, Ultimate Craft Company showcased some Bohemian designs in craft dies, paper-pads, decoupage papers and hot-foil stamps on Create and Craft TV.

With this trend in the designing community, what is Bohemian comes to mind!

Screenshot of Spoonflower’s Bohemian design challenge
Screenshot of Fire Mountain gems Bohemian Summer Colours