Day 28 Of 30 Days With Lemon: Make Lemon Cookies

Lemon cookies are a delight, add sultanas for a great taste.



Plain flour

Lemon: juice and rind


Butter – salted and unsalted

Sugar- granulated



Step 1: Mix butter( half unsalted and half salted) and sugar together until creamy.



Step 2: Add the eggs and then mix.


Step 3: Zest the lemons using a citrus zester.


Step 4: Extract the juice from the lemon.


Step 5: Add the flour to the butter, eggs and sugar mixture. Add the sultanas, the zest of the lemon and the lemon juice to the mixture and then mix.


Step 6: Roll the dough and cut out shapes using a cookie cutter. Place baking parchment on a baking tray and then place the cookies on it.


Step 7: Bake cookies in a moderate oven until lightly brown.

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