Thanksgiving: Saying Thank You To all Bakers and Manufacturers Of Baking Products

Our theme for the month of November in 2017 is Thanksgiving.

We are saying thank you to the crafting community for all they have done.

We will start with all bakers and manufacturers of baking products.

Are you a manufacturer of baking tins, a caterer,  baker,  pastry chef, cake designer,  retailer of pastries\ baking tools, author of baking books/ recipes or consumer of edible baked goods, pastry \cake blogger, owner of a bakery and so on,  we want to say thank you for making baking so unique and interesting.

We use cakes\pastries, for various celebrations ( weddings, birthdays, engagements, teatime, just snacking, Christmas, new year, easter, mothers day, fathers day) picnic, and much more.

Cake decorating has evolved using various techniques – like printing( printer with edible ink), digital cutting, embossing, die cutting, piping, painting, model making.

Now, someone can eat cake including the decorations used on it- a wow! to the sugarcraft designers/ inventors.

Various types of edible baked foods have emerged.

Lovely carrying cases, tools, stands, baking tins (including shapes of baking tins) and cutters!

Thumbs up and a standing ovation to all bakers and manufacturers of baking products.

Baking shows are lovely! A beauty and show of creativity.

In baking, you can be a specialist in “1 (one)” technique and an amateur in another, but it doesn’t stop you from excelling in the baking community.

From our grateful and delightful hearts, we want to say a big thank you to you all.


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