Say it with a greeting card: Inked stencil season greeting card using Plaid Crafts leaf stencil

We used the technique of inking to apply ink through a stencil to produce this charming result for a greeting card. The admirable thing is that the ink pad colours used can be changed to suit the season and occasion.


Materials needed

  • Ink pads- chosen colours
  • Stencil- Leaf stencil by Plaid Enterprise
  • Artist brush- Scruffy
  • Liquid glue- Uhu
  • Ribbon- 3mm width 1/2 yard navy blue (colour of choice)
  • Tissue or baby wipes
  • 250- 300g cardstock- A4 white x2
  • A4 blue cardstock
  • Glitter and glue pen (optional) if you want to add glitter



Step 1: Cut one A4 white cardstock in half to make A5. Place the leaf stencil on one of the A5 cardstock. Dip the scruffy brush into the ink pad and then pounce on the stencil. Wipe the stencil after using each colour.


Step 2: Use a different brush for each colour/inkpad. Continue applying the ink to the card until the desired background is achieved.


Step 3: Score a white A4 cardstock to make an A5 greeting card.  Glue the patterned (inked stencil cardstock) cardstock to the blue cardstock, trim leaving a little border around and then glue to the front of the  A5 greeting card.


Step 4: Cut a strip of cardstock and then glue the ribbon to the middle of the cardstock. Secure the tips of the ribbon to the back of the card-strip.


Step 5: Glue the card strip to a blue cardstock and then trim around it leaving a little border.


Step 6: Glue the ribbon card strip to the front of the card. Add a sentiment if desired.

To Vary

Step a: Different colours of ink can be used as well as different style. Here the stencil design has been inked into an aperture card and the oval aperture used as a topper.

Following step 1 and step 2 above, use different colours and ink the stencil design into the aperture with the aperture insert being intact.


Step b: Glue the designed oval topper to a red cardstock and then trim around it leaving a little border.

The aperture insert is being used as a topper on this embossed greeting card. Embellishments can be added if desired.


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