Say it With Hearts: Layered Heart- Shaped Cake

Lovely mini layered heart- shaped sponge cake.


Material Needed

Double Cream

Heart-Shaped cooking ring with its plungers


Sponge Cake


Step 1: Cut out heart shapes from the Sponge Cake. Put one heart-shaped sponge cake in the heart-shaped ring.


Step 2: Add double cream to the cut-out heart sponge cake in the ring and then push the double cream with the heart-shaped plunger to smoothen it.


Step 3: Add a layer of the cut-out heart sponge cake to the top of the double cream and then use the heart-shaped plunger to push the layered cake out of the ring. * You can add a layer of double cream to the top of the sponge cake before pushing the layered sponge cake out of the ring.


Step 4: Place a little double cream on top of the layered sponge cake and then place the strawberry on it.