Digital Craft: Jaguarwoman’s “Spring Botanica” Decorative Monograms take on the blooming path

Jaguarwoman presents her elegant and blooming Spring Botanical Decorative Monogram.

About the design

“Spring Botanica” is a set of decorative dropcaps embellished with digitally painted Spring/Summer floral vignettes.

It includes 26 lavishly embellished capital letters, 8 blank monogram shields and variations, and 26 merged monogram shields + floral embellished letters.

This provides lots of design versatility, because you can artfully re-hue the blank monogram shields and apply embellished letters. No backgrounds and no lower case letters are included.

This is not an “alphabet” it is a monogram kit.  Individual design elements are provided in png file format and coordinating backgrounds are in jpg format.


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