Magazine: Highlighting the versatility of the free die ‘Floral Drapery’ on the front of its magazine Tattered Lace announces the launch of issue 53 of its magazine

Issue 53 of the Tattered Lace Magazine is out and the free die is a fantastic Floral Drapery die with an arched window, elegant curtain and quaint floral arrangement.

Read the press release below.

Welcome to Tattered Lace issue 53! We may have had a rocky start to spring, but you’ll find plenty of warmth and bright colours here in our pages, packed with inspiration as usual!

Our free gift for you this time is the fantastic Floral Drapery die, with an arched window, elegant curtain and quaint floral arrangement that’s as wonderfully classic as it is versatile! Keep an eye out for the backing papers that provide the perfect view outside. For adorable little critters, look no further than our Spring Booboo, Bubbles, Bunny and Chicklet dies, all full of character and sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. We also have a touch of Americana with our pin-up inspired dies and complimentary backing papers.

Try our brilliant template and folding projects which will guide you through making a pentagon faceted box and triangle box, both simple and easy but wonderful for little gifts, desk tidies and

Try the projects, make the most of your free backing papers and most of all, have a wonderful time crafting!