Say it with Alphabets and Numbers- confectionery: Make Number-Shaped Ice Cream

Let’s celebrate our children with their alphabets and numbers by making Number-Shaped Icecream using Silicone Baking Mould\Pan.


Icecream tub-

Optional( use any fruit\ flavouring of your choice).

Cucumber Puree (grind the cucumber).

Strawberry Puree


Silicone baking mould- 5


Step 1: Fill the silicone mould with ice-cream and the purees as desire.


Step 2: Put the ice cream in the freezer to set.


Step 3: Remove the Icecream from the silicone mould when it is ready. To ease the removal of the ice cream, run the outer side of the silicone mould in warm water for ten (10) seconds.


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