Copyright Wars: Pandemonium in the crafting community as Corinne Lapierre cries out that she has been copied by Prima Magazine in its sewing roll kit

According to a post by Corinne Lapierre on her Facebook page, It stated that Prima Magzine has copied Corrinne’s Sewing Kit roll (see the screenshot below).

From the screenshot.

So upset to see a very blatant copy of my own sewing roll kit in Prima magazine! Copying designs is a very serious issue and I am fuming.
I designed this a few years ago and I am so cross to see it like this.
Thank you Johanna for making me aware of this.
These guys have some serious explaining to do!
My original design here:…/sewing-roll-felt-craft-kit

And their cheap copy Prima Magazine
Please share, thank you.

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