Magazine: Bloom Beautifully with Volume 5 of Amy Butler’s Blossom Magazine

Amy Butler presents Volume 5 of her Blossom Magazine.

Read the press release below.

Hello! And welcome to Blossom! This is our 5th issue and true to form, it’s had it’s own unique journey in getting here. Many hands and hearts have contributed time, energy and love so that these pages could come to life. It is a complete honor and joy to get to share this with you! I’m confident there’s no mistake we’re together. And I can’t thank you enough for being here!
At it’s core, Blossom is about humanity, making connections, finding ourselves in the reflections of the world around us, and expanding ourselves to reshape our lives, and the lives of others. Blossom is a living, breathing journal of creative discovery, unique experiences, and unforgettable people with a purpose. I’m thrilled to be the extension cord that gets to plug you into material that is uplifting, and empowering! Our goal is to move the negative needle that is so prevalent in the world today and shift the focus back to our innate ability to be a source for love and positive change… both in our lives and in our communities. Each one of us makes a difference. We’re meant to be happy and shape our lives in ways that fill our heart.
I hope you find great inspiration and nudges for your life in Blossom’s pages. If you’re moved by our content, spread the inspiration and share Blossom with someone you love today! #amybutlerblossomag
Create Love, Express Beauty, Be Kind
Enjoy and Much love!
“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart”. ~ Rumi