New Products: What Do You See When it Rains! Dance in The Rain With Anino A Hudy Bery® as She Launches Thirty Fabric in Her Whispers of the Rain Fabric Collection

Anino A Hudy Bery® is launching her latest fabric collection “Whispers of the rain” which consist of thirty(30) fabric designs on her Spoonflower Shop.

Read the press release below.

Join us as we launch Whispers of the Rain Fabric Collection in our shop on Spoonflower.

Whispers of the Rain Fabric Collection consists of thirty fabrics.

  • Gauge the Rain:- Design displaying Rain Gauge.


  • Mind the Raindrops: Design displays raindrops in monochrome.


  • Whispers in the rain: Design displays raindrops with some fun elements/objects inside each raindrop.


  • Beyond the raindrops: Design displays clouds, raindrops and puddles.


  • When the rain drops: Design displays Umbrella and Wellington or Rain-boots in the rain.


  • Sailing in the Rain: Design displays a paper boat sailing in the puddle with a Snowdrop(plant) at the end of the puddle while it is raining.


  • Blossoms in the rain: This design shows raindrops on plant blossoms, waterlily(lotus flower) on its pad and snowdrops.


  • Treasures in the rain: This design shows different objects, activities and elements connected with rainfall.


  • Before the rain drops: This design shows a paper boat in a dotty-like puddle.


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