Say it with Textures and Patterns: Emboss a Greeting Card Using Craft Dies

Today, we are celebrating our theme for the month of July 2018 by making textured greeting card using craft dies to emboss a card.

Materials needed

Die-cutting\ embossing machine

Embossing mat

Die-cutting\ embossing machine plates

Craft dies- I used the Tonic Studios Floral Blooms Patterned Panels

Greeting card blank


Step 1: Place the die-cutting machine plates < place the embossing mat on the die-cutting plates < place the greeting card on the embossing mat < place the die with flat side on the greeting card< Place a die cutting plate on the sandwich before rolling into the machine.

Use a light pressure or setting so as not to bore hole in the greeting card. The setting used for this embossing in 7.

If you want the de-bossing on the front of the card then follow the sandwich instruction and place the die inside the card; that is, work from the inside of the card.

If you want the embossing on the front of the card then work on the front of the card; place the die on the front of the card.

*Note that wherever the opening of the design(cut-out of the design) faces, is where the embossing will be while the outline of the design will be de-bossed.

*Flipping the card will aid you in working on the front or inside of the card.


Step 2: You can also continue the design if you desire.


Step 3: Decorate your card as desire.






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