Celebrating and Encouraging Crafters who shared information and wrote to Disney for clarification of Usage Policy during the launch of Disney’s licensed Craft products on a Craft TV

We are saying a big “Thank You” to the crafters who wrote to Disney during the launch of the Disney’s craft product on Create and Craft TV and also shared information despite being blocked and much more.

Despite all odds, these crafters shared information that items made from the licensed Disney’s crafting product(s) that was launched cannot be sold. They went further to get proofs from Disney by writing and waiting for replies (see a screenshot of the proof below).

From the screenshot(

Dear ……..,
Thank you for your email, I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused on this matter.

 Disney has granted the rights to various third parties to design, develop, manufacture and sell a range of craft products for consumers; licensed craft products are intended for use by consumers for personal and family enjoyment, such as making gifts for family birthdays or other private celebrations. Regardless of when the licensed products have been purchased, these products may not be used by consumers to sell or distribute any items they produce using the craft products outside the private, family sphere.
Should you have any further queries please contact Create and Craft on contactcentre.cr@idealshoppingdirect.co.uk or by phone 08717 123455, who have assured us that they will answer any further questions you have directly.
Best wishes,
Disney Guest Services Manager
Internal Reference Number:)

They upheld the truth and tried everyday without relenting to make sure many crafters are aware and not get sued due to copyright breach.

They could have said “it is not my concern” or I am not meddling but instead they stood for crafters.

We truly admire their courage.

Thank you to those crafters. You did well.

You have encourage alot of crafters to say the truth despite the trials.

You can read about it in the links below.

Link 1: https://aninoogunjobi.com/2016/07/regardless-licensed-products-purchased-products-may-not-used-consumers-sell-distribute-items-produce-using-craft-products-outside-private-fam/

Link 2: https://aninoogunjobi.com/2018/01/prevent-crafters-getting-copyright-usage-policy-court-cases-disney-craft-products-concerned-crafters-pleading-create-craft-tv-announce-no-selling-non-commercial/

Link 3: https://aninoogunjobi.com/2016/11/trending-will-policy-cannot-sell-makes-using-disneys-craft-dies-announced-tv-launch-princess/