Say it with Encouraging Quotes and Positive Thinking: In Every Failure There is a Lesson to be Learned

Today, we are celebrating our theme for the month of August in 2018 by seeing the positive side of failure.

When you fail in a project, it shows the way that it shouldn’t be done.

For example when learning any new thing you may fail sometimes and that reminds you not to do it that certain way to avoid failure in that aspect.

I remember when I started designing graphics. I did fail alot of times. I learnt to save my work often, duplicate an image before I tweak it, learned to write the steps that I took, sometimes I had to do screen-recording, take pictures in every step and much more. I still write the process in designing especially if I am working on a new design( don’t want to leave a design half-way and not remember what I did to get there).

The fear of failure has made many not to attempt projects or learn new things.

As you attempt that project or goal, do not fear failure just remember that “in every failure there is a lesson to be learned”.




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