Magazine- Digital Craft: ‘Creative people are weird That’s a good thing’ Adobe Create writes as it launches Volume 2 of its Adobe Create Magazine for September 2018

Adobe Create launches Volume 2 of its Create Magazine for September 2018.

Topics in this issue include;

  • Fun, loud and a bit weird- The words describe both Eliot Wyatt and his work.
  • The digital dreamer- This Photoshop process is imaginative, inspiring, and a little… whoa.
  • Bubblegum and sadness- A dark time led to a career as a pop-culture illustrator.
  • How to replace sky- Give your videos a new look with a little motion-tracking magic.
  • Bridging realities with immersive art- See Estella Tse create augmented-reality art.
  • and many more.



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