Three Months Craft Challenge: Planting Tulip Bulbs and Narcissus Bulbs

More on the Three-months craft challenge, We are planting Tulip and Narcissus bulbs so that we can have some lovely Tulips and Narcissus flowers during the Spring Season.

The Tulips’ species that we are planting are;

  1. Tulipa Exotic Emperor.
  2. Tulipa Brest.
  3. Tulipa Silk Road.
  4. Tulipa Tabledance.
  5. Tulipa Stunning Apricot.
  6. Narcissus Pink charm.
  7. Tulipa Upstar.
  8. Tulipa Creme Upstar.
  9. Tulipa Ballerina.
  10. Tulipa Negrita.
  11. Tulipa Pittburg.
  12. Tulipa Candy Corner.
  13. Tulipa Black Parrot.
  14. Tulipa Virichic.