Beauty – Project: Clementines Peel Powder

Our project for the day is to make Clementine Powder from the peels of the Clementine Fruit.

Clementine Powder can be use as beauty mask or as a scrub for the body- face, underarm, thigh, feet and many more.

*Air-drying the clementine peels instead of putting it in the oven to dry help to retain its flavour\ scent.

Material needed

Clementine fruit peels




Step 1: Put Clementine peels on a tray and leave the peels to air-dry. Check the peels constantly and any peel with mould should be removed.

Step 2: When the peels are dried, put them in a dry mill\ blender and then grind into powder.

Step 3: Mixture can also be in a coarse texture.

Step 4: Put the Clementine powder to air dry on a tray. When it is thoroughly dry, put in an air tight container.