Magazine- Digital: Presenting Spanish illustrator Enisaurus and his new ways of communicating his ideas, Adobe Create launches December 2018 issue of its magazine

December 2018 issue of the Adobe Create Magazine is out.

Topics include;

  • HOW-TO: COLOR OF THE YEAR- Learn how to use Pantone’s new color while compositing images in Photoshop.
  • CUSTOM WALLPAPER FOR YOUR PHONE : All it takes is a simple—yet surprising—Illustrator technique.
  • HE’S A STORYTELLER WITH A TWIST: Spanish illustrator Enisaurus is finding new ways to communicate his ideas.
  • FROM WOOD TO PRINT TO PIXELS: This poster began as a 3’x3’x2′ wooden sculpture—all built by hand.
  • TUTORIAL: A NEW WAY TO COLOR GRADE VIDEO: Color Match is a boon for both veterans and newbies.