Loud It With Celebrations: Greeting Card Maker

In celebrating our theme for this month of January 2019 ” Loud it with Cardmakers and Papercrafters”, we are focusing on cardmakers for today.

Recently, I had to design a valentine’s fabric for the Spoonflower “be my valentine” competition and I was thinking about what to design. I settled for  greeting card designs which I titled “Tales of  Valentine’s Greeting Cards”.

Cardmakers have help us to transform that cardstock or paper into a precious piece of artwork as well as a place to express our thoughts.

Cardmakers have enabled us to express those words in a memorable way through lovely work of arts.

Cardmakers have taken greeting card designs into different shapes\ styles, techniques while keeping the purpose\ uses of the greeting card in mind.

Have you wanted to say “thank you or a sympathy word” and you can’t express yourself well?  Greeting cards have done much for us in that aspect of expression.

We have to celebrate the cardmakers who has been creative as well as respecting copyrights of others so as not to put the end user in a copyright infringement aiding and abetting situation.

A gift accompanied by a card not only tells who the gift is from it also expresses word or sentiment.