Magazine: Employing the phrase “Brace yourself for a veritable cornucopia of photo goodness…”, March 2019 issue of Practical Photography Magazine Hits Newsstand

The March 2019 issue of Practical Photography is out.

Read the press release below.

Brace yourself for a veritable cornucopia of photo goodness…

Free gifts
Get 25 creative actions for Photoshop, 65 minutes of new camera and editing how-to videos, camera buying ebook and retro cabinet card templates.

What you can learn from the masters of photography?
Join us for a fascinating look at the pioneers of a new artform who created some of the most iconic images ever captured. With Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Julia Margaret Cameron and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Get crafty with stylish still life
Louise Carey serves up a trio of brilliant camera projects that you can create in the comfort of your own home, from tasty food flatlays to clever optical illusions.

Pro showcase
Celebrity portrait photographer Perou (just the one name!) explains why fast reflexes and razor-sharp wit help keep him one step ahead of the world’s biggest egos.

Reader showcase
Our new series is all about you! We’ll be showcasing our super-talented readers’ work and sharing their experiences and learnings. Landscape ace Matt Watkins is first in line.

Shoot to ‘shop
Recreate the sepia-toned yesteryear look of Victorian cabinet cards with our free templates and complete step-by-step camera and editing guide.

The edit
Our new-look editing section includes tutorials on focus-based selections, the Puppet Warp Tool, superhero composites and graphic photograms.

Know your stuff
Push your creativity without Photoshop, find the perfect camera for students, and expos on depth-of-field preview, high speed sync, focus stacking and mirror lock-up.

Camera know-how
Get to grips with your camera and lenses’ image stabilisation functions and discover other ways of improving sharpness.

Get into gear
The ten best enthusiast cameras from £889, Sony’s Alpha 7 III takes on Canon’s EOS R and Nikon’s Z6, and Samyang’s 14mm f/2.8 and Fujifilm’s 200mm f/2 are put through their paces.

Enjoy the issue.

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