Craft Games: 30 Days of Word Search Puzzle – Day 4: Magnolia Species

Here is a free word search puzzle on “types of Magnolia”.

This word search puzzle is available in Jpeg and PDF.

PDF: Types of magnolia Word Search Puzzle

To save the word search puzzle in Jpeg or picture format, right click on the image , click on save image  and then save in a folder of your choosing.

Words to search for include;

● Acuminata (cucumbertree)
● Campbellii
● Denudata
● Liliiflora
● Virginiana
● Grandiflora
● Hypoleuca
● Loebneri
● Kobus
● Macrophylla

● Stellata
● Wilsonii
● Italliana
● Veitchii
● Soulangiana (saucer magnolia)
● Sieboldii
● Sargentiana
● Salicifolia
● Rustica rubra
● Cordata
● Delavayi


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