Craft News: “I can only nail the Clarity colours to the HOCHANDA mast” Barbara Gray calms the rumour that Clarity is leaving Hochanda TV

According to a post by Barbara Gray on her blog, Clarity is not leaving Hochanda TV.

Read her post below.


And that’s about the sum of it here at Clarity at the moment. I have thought long and hard about whether to pretend everything’s Business As Usual, because I hate confrontation, and personally go to great lengths in my life to avoid it where I can.

However, I also want you to hear what’s going on in the industry from somebody you trust to be telling the truth, who’s not gossiping, just wants to dispel rumours which are kicking around, and put you in the picture. Because I think you deserve clarity.

Several companies are about to move back to Create & Craft from HOCHANDA. Crafters Companion and Tonic are the main ones. The why’s and wherefore’s are none of my business and not my story to tell. Was I approached? Yes. Were we at Clarity tempted? Not for a minute. Correction. Not for a second. We love the HOCHANDA team. Will it impact our little craft channel? Of course it will, but there are a lot of very talented people in that building, and the boss, Paul Wright, is a really good bloke.

I really can’t get involved in other company strategies; I can only nail the Clarity colours to the HOCHANDA mast – as I did right at the inception of the channel, because it promised to represent the Craft Industry properly and fairly, and was a more creative fit for us. Our business has flourished with HOCHANDA – we have blossomed, (you know that) and we have done it with ease and fun. No pressure, no bullying, no angst every month.

We have delivered new and innovative products regularly, we have built up a Customer Service which is second to none, to support our very fast growth, and I would like to think that our Clarity community is enjoying the creative journey. Hochanda gives us – Paul, Maria, Linda, Tina, Leonie and myself – time to demonstrate techniques, to show tricks and tips. Of course, they are a shopping channel, and they rely on sales to survive! But the channel has delivered what they promised, and I for one am proud to be a part of that family. They are really good people.

They let me shout about this blog! They let me promote our clubs! They encourage customers to go to Groovi Worldwide and ClarityWorldwide for inspiration. It’s all about give and take – it’s two-way traffic at HOCHANDA.

So NO. We aren’t going anywhere. Am I concerned? Well, of course I am! I’ve got an eye infection, a banging headache and a mouthful of ulcers to prove it! Stress does that shit to you. But I have to be true to myself, and I have to do the right thing for Clarity – and for the Clarity community. And I have to stand tall and show loyalty! If all I am doing is chasing the dollar, I really should retire right now. Because that is neither nourishing nor good for the soul.

So there you have it. Keep Calm and Carry on !!! #stickingwiththewinners.

Love & Hugs,



PS. Will you see more of Clarity in the coming months on HOCHANDA? Of course! We will be helping fill the TV schedule gaps that others have left.

PPS I think I will send this card to Paul Wright. xx




  1. Hi Barbara,that’s a relief that you are staying loyal to Hochanda! Wondered what on earth was going on and why companies were ‘jumping ship’?Haven’t watched C&C for years and love the craft shows and presenters on Hochanda. I get lots of hints and tips and great entertainment from all the shows presented. The presenters are genuine and there is no pressurised selling.We also get bargains from craft price drop if you are so inclined. Long may Hochanda prosper!!!!

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