Craft News: Tonic studios relinquish Hochanda TV in favour of Create and Craft TV

Tonic Studios release their statement on leaving Hochanda TV for Create and Craft TV.

From the screenshot.

At Tonic Studios, we are passionate about educating and interacting with our consumers and offering them an experience that gives them the best value for money, quality and service. With a growing base of crafters across the world and ever-changing retail environments, we sometimes have to make changes to deliver the best consumer experience to the widest audience.

From March 2019 we will be working with Create and Craft to help us deliver a TV experience showcasing some of the exciting new products we have for 2019.

Having been in the craft industry for 17 years, we know this can be an emotive topic and not one we take lightly, having made many friends along the way on both sides of the camera. The craft market is a thriving space and we wish Hochanda every success for the future. As we look to the future in a changing market place, we are lucky enough to be able to make our products available all over the world with retailers in multiple countries but we need to adapt as a business as we continue to innovate. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the customer support you’ve come to expect wherever you purchase our products, and we look to bring more fantastic products out across our brands.

We have many more brilliant announcements to come in 2019 as we continue to offer you inspiration and value both on-air, online and in-person from the fabulous Tonic team. Finally, thank you to the craft community for your understanding and continued support.

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Tonic Studios Ltd


  1. I am very sad that you have left hochanda. i used to look forward to hochanda price drop
    hoping that tonic product would be on there. I have purchased many that way. I do watch
    create and craft also but find there products more expensive and also their delivery
    charges work out more expensive. £2.99 per product, and if you only want to order a
    couple of cheaper essentials it works out expensive so i avoid ordering bits from them.

  2. I’m so disappointed that all three are moving channels, but I suppose they have to do what’s best for their business, I have to say I doubt I’ll be watching as that is one channel anymore than five MINS and I just have to switch channels, not because of the product but the presenters are all so annoying and irritating.I just find them hard to watch… .

    • I cant watch create and craft for very long either too much talking all about them the presenters and not letting the guests get on with there demos which i find frustrating as its a craft programme and not a chat show after all listen to the viewers and tone it down then maybe a few more of us viewers can enjoy the demos and purchase without the drama

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for Hochanda, which it has taken, to welcome brand new designers and suppliers to their range of fascinatingg products. Hot having ever bought anything from CC or CB and DF it doesn’t worry me that they are not on Hochanda any more.

  4. Create and craft is the most annoying craft channel I’ve ever come across.the contrast of the picture is awful the presenters are just insufferable they are all so loud and the people shouting in the background what’s that about? and then lets mention the price of the products,I bought an item on Hochanda that was £4.99 on create and craft the same item is £6.99 that’s a disgraceful increase it isn’t even that much direct from the sellers website.
    I wish Hochanda all the best on the future and I can’t wait to see who and what new products they have on this year

  5. Good luck hochanda for the future. I think you could turn out to a better craft channel than c.c. I thought Dave Bradford was a good presenter,now he has gone to another channel. I don’t think any of them know where they want to be. Keep up the good work Hochanda.

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