Crafty Laughs: Different Craft Designers

There are different Craft Designers. Have a crafty laugh as you read through and try to identify the designers in the list below.

  1. The Designer that just claim the title but can’t design anything.
  2. The Designer that looks for people to design the product for him \ her and then add their name to it.
  3.  The Designer that will copy other designers and then claim “copying is flattering”.
  4. The Designer that will comb through public\ stock images and say they designed it themselves.
  5. The Designer that will ransack unbranded products and then put their name on the product.
  6. The Designer that actually know how to design.
  7. The Designer that designs his\ her products.
  8. The Designer that will block crafters \ customers who dare to ask questions about the product(s) because they are scared of the truth coming to light.
  9. The Designer that do not know that he \ she is a designer.
  10. The Designer that designs in his \ her dream but not in real life.
  11. The Designer that have sleepless nights trying to design something different.
  12. The Designer that waits for other designers to design product(s) and then make a different colour of that product.
  13. The Designer that brings a product from another career and then implement it in crafting claiming he \ she designed it.