Project- Cooking: Valentine Heart-Shape Pancake

Here is a step by step tutorial to preapare a heart-shape pancake for Valentine’s day.

The recipe of this pancake omits sugar. The taste of the pancake is gotten from the fruit sauce that is eaten with the pancake.



Plain flour

Unsalted butter

Fresh Eggs x 2

Cranberry sauce

Fresh Strawberry x 3



Frying pan

Heart shape cooking ring



Fish slice utensil


Step 1: Put flour, eggs and milk in a bowl and then whisk. Do not make the batter(mixture) running or too thick.


Step 2: Put the cooker on a very low heat, grease the frying and the heart- shaped cooking ring with butter and then place the heart-shaped cooking ring in the frying pan.


Step 3: Spoon the pancake batter into the cooking ring and let it cook at a low heat.


Step 4: When the top of the pancake is no longer runny, flip the cooking ring and pancake together to cook the other side of the pancake. A fish slice will aid in flipping the pancake and cooking ring.


Step 5: When the pancake is cooked, serve with Cranberry Sauce and slices of Strawberry.