Copyright War: Hochanda TV pulls Bee Crafty Inspired by Banksy stamps from its website after a report on Bee Crafty allegedly infringing on Banksy Copyright

There is a report that Bee Crafty inspired by Banksy stamps are allegedly infringing on Banksy Copyright.

On the visitor’s post on Hochanda TV’s Facebook page, A crafter (Karen)asked Hochanda TV if it can publicly tell crafters where they stand over using the Banksy Products by Bee Crafty.

Hochanda TV replied to the crafter(Karen) that it has pulled Bee Crafty Inspired by Banksy stamps from its website.

From the screenshot.

Karen: I’m sorry to bring this up again but this really is important and relevant, one lady has asked this question but you haven’t replied Hochanda. Can you please tell us publicly where we stand over using the Banksy Products as rightly we are concerned.

I know Bee Crafty are writing to people privately but that’s not professional, or good enough under the circumstances, we all need to know where we stand in regard to these products.

You do realise Banksy has sued over his Trade Mark and won recently, so it’s really important customers know where they stand in using these products. As it implies in the article he clearly has his limits of people using his artwork without permission. Many thanks Hochanda for any help you can give on this.


Hochanda:  Hi Karen

The Inspired by Banksy range has been removed from sale on Hochanda, at the request of Bee Crafty. Anyone with any concerns should contact them directly on

Thank you – Hochanda




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