New Month: Springing with Nature, Florist and Gardeners, we say welcome to the month of March 2019

Happy New Month!

It is the third month(March) in the year 2019.

The official Spring date is 20th of March 2019.

Spring blossoms will soon fill the air. We are seeing some Spring Bulbs’ Flowers welcoming us into the Spring Season.

Our theme for this month of March 2019 is “Loud the Celebrations with Nature, Florist and Gardeners.

The rains will soon be here and if you desire some rainfall design on fabric, wallpapers and giftwrap, Anino’s “Whispers of the rain collection” (which consists of 30 fabric designs) is worth a view. The collection is available on Spoonflower.

This month we will be making some items – clothes, cards, baking for Mothers.

United Kingdom’s Mother’s day is 31st of March 2019.

Last month, we were so busy and  behind in posting on the theme “Loud the celebrations – music, entertainers and event planners”. We will continue posting on them this month.

Happy New Month and welcome to the month of March in 2018.

We pray that this month is exceedingly great for you.

Have a blessed and fulfilled month.

Be kind, be blessed and be a blessing.


Below are some celebrations in March 2019.

1st March 2019 –  Employee Appreciation Day first Friday

1st March 2019 – Independence Movement Day (South Korea).

1st March 2019 – St David’s Day (Canada).

1st March 2019 – World Day of Prayer – First Friday

1st March 2019 – Read Across America Day

1st March 2019 – Women’s History Month

1st March 2019 – Dr. Seuss Day

1st March 2019 – Carnival Saturday (Brazil)

1st March 2019 – Dolls’ Festival/Girls’ Festival (Japan)

2nd March 2019 – Texas Independence Day

2nd March 2019 – Old Stuff Day

2nd March 2019 – James Ronald Webster Day (Anguilla)

3rd March 2019 – Mothers’ Day (Georgia)

3rd March 2019 -World Wildlife Day

3rd March 2019 –  Peach Blossom Day

3rd March 2019 –  I Want You to be Happy Day

3rd March 2019 – Caregiver Appreciation Day

4th March 2019 – Carnival Monday

4th March 2019- Labour Day (Australia)

5th March 2019- Multiple Personality Day

5th March 2019- Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday

6th March 2019 – National Frozen Food Day

6th March 2019 – Ash Wednesday

6th March 2019 – Dentist’s Day

6th March 2019- National Oreo Day

7th March 2019-National Cereal Day

7th March 2019-World Book Day and Copyright Day 2019

8th March 2019 – International (Working) Women’s Day

9th March 2019- National Meatball Day

10th March 2019- Mario Day

107th March 2019-  Daylight Saving Time starts

11th March 2019- Commonwealth Day

11th March 2019- Adelaide Cup

11th March 2019- Napping Day

12th March 2019- Plant a Flower Day

12th March 2019- Commonwealth Day (British Virgin Island)

13th March 2019- Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis

14th March 2019- Pi Day

14th March 2019- World Kidney Day

14th March 2019- Learn about Butterflies Day

14th March 2019- Popcorn Lover’s Day

15th March 2019- Ides of March

16th March 2019-  National Quilting Day – third Saturday

17th March 2019- St. Patrick’s Day

19th March 2019- Father´s Day (Bolivia)

19th March 2019- Father´s Day (Hunduras)

19th March 2019- Poultry Day

19th March 2019- Tea for Two Tuesday – Third Tuesday

20th March 2019- International Earth Day

20th March 2019-  Proposal Day

20th March 2019- March equinox

20th March 2019- National Agriculture Day

21st March 2019- Fragrance Day

21st March 2019- World Poetry Day

21st March 2019- World Down Syndrome Day

21st March 2019- International Day of Forests

21st March 2019- International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

21st March 2019- Purim – begins at sundown, date varies

22nd March 2019- World Water Day

22nd March 2019- Shushan Purim (Jerusalem)

23rd March 2019- National Puppy Day

23rd March 2019- Melba Toast Day

23rd March 2019- World Meteorological Day

24th March 2019- World Tuberculosis Day

24th March 2019- International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims

24th March 2019- National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

25th March 2019- Pecan Day

25th March 2019- Waffle Day

25th March 2019- International Day of Remembrance of Slavery Victims and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

25th March 2019- International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members

26th March 2019- Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

26th March 2019- Purple Day

28th March 2019- Children’s Picture Book Day

28th March 2019- Eat an Eskimo Pie Day

28th March 2019- National Black Forest Cake Day

28th March 2019- National Something On a Stick Day

28th March 2019- Weed Appreciation Day

29th March 2019- National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

29th March 2019- Smoke and Mirrors Day

30th March 2019- Take a Walk in the Park Day

30th March 2019- Earth Hour

30th March 2019- National Doctors’ Day

30th March 2019-  I am in Control Day

31st March 2019- World Backup Day

31st March 2019- Daylight Saving Time starts

31st March 2019- Mothering Sunday\ Mother’s Day (United Kingdom)

31st March 2019- National Crayon Day

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