Copyright Wars: Crafters take to Create and Craft TV’s Facebook page – visitor posts to call out Gordon Fraser(BeCreative) while posting video proof of Gordon Fraser (BeCreative)  saying that he and his team designed the Steampunk Jane image

On the visitor posts of Create and Craft TV Facebook Page, Crafters are asking Gordon Fraser why he said on Create and Craft TV that he and his team designed the Steampunk Jane. Aside posting the Steampunk Jane image that is available in an image sharing website,  Crafters have also gone ahead to post video of Gordon Fraser saying it on TV.

See the screenshot below.

Patricia: I would like to ask a question to Create & Craft TV and Gordon Fraser of BeCreative who said on Air they designed Steampunk Jane but it’s very clear seeing this they didn’t. Can you please explain what is going on and why we were lied to? I hope you can explain, so I don’t need to take this concern further.



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