Copyright Wars: “I can confirm that Create and Craft are investigating this internally”  Shelley from Create and Craft TV replies as Create and Craft TV allegedly put a sold out on all Craft Buddy Painted Cushions after a crafter questions the commercial license with a proof of the commercial usage\ policy and also credit not being given to designer Johanna Basford for her artwork

Below is the post and screenshot from Create and Craft TV’s visitor’s post.

From the screenshot.

Agot: Re the launch of Craft Buddy Painted Cushions, this is the instantly recognisable artwork of Johanna Basford who drew and compiled the beautiful range of colouring books, Secret Garden / Enchanted Forest. As this artwork is the protected intellectual property of Johanna Basford how can the angel policy ( as stated by Dawn Bibby ) to sell your finished cushions be correct ?
A little clarification is needed on this as there was no mention of Johanna Basford during this launch, unless I missed credit being given by Dawn Bibby, back to the original artist of this particular work. ?


Create and Craft replies: Good Afternoon Agot,

Thank you kindly for bringing this matter to my attention. I can confirm that Create and Craft are investigating this internally.

Kindest Regards-


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