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Awaken Your Creative Spirit Retreat!
I am so pleased to share our new event! I’ve been planning with my amazing friends and we’re excited to bring you a very unique experience!
Connect with the inspirations that nurture your creative fire in all areas of your life!
Our fun, non-traditional weekend is filled with resources that will support your body, mind and spirit! No matter what your age, it’s powerful and affirming to connect with a loving community of like minded souls who are desiring to open up to the next chapter of their life. I’ll be teaming up with life coach Hildie Dunn, Ayurvedic educator Sheila Brex and Internal Yoga practitioner, Luis Arrufat Elias for a deep dive into growing and expanding your creativity and fulfillment. I’ll be creating right alongside you as we make a roadmap for our personal growth and happiness.
During this weekend you will:
* have fun connecting to what moves you and makes your heart sing!
* create a new consciousness and understand yourself in a deeper way
* re-commit to the passions that fuel you!
* cultivate self love and compassion
* learn tools that will inspire and support you as you move forward
What we have planned: all activities focus on positive energy and will inspire creativity on a multitude of levels!
. transformational life coaching sessions
. heart opening, grounding meditations
. guided breath work that opens you to your unique yoga spirit & how to live from that space
. if desired, receive Reiki energy from Amy or Sheila
. self discovery sessions where you learn what your Ayurvedic footprint is & how to nurture it
. discussions about our chakras & how to align and invigorate them to support your forward momentum
. an inspirational pop up shop filled with beautiful materials that will enhance your journey
. luscious goody bags with journals, supplies, how to instructions and recipes from our time together with each
of our teachers.
. Enjoying beautiful fresh lunches
Creative connection sessions where you’ll make: { no artistic background necessary }
– your own customized essential oil blend to awaken your senses and support shifts in perspective
– dot mandala meditation art and learn about sacred geometry
– chakra bracelets with semi-precious stones to support your creative opening
– how to instruction for making your own sacred flower mandalas
Amy Butler
As an artist and Reiki Master practitioner my dream is to create platforms that bring folks together to be inspired, healthy and happy! I believe everyone is here to share their gifts and when we align with them and allow them to shine, we give others the permission to do the same. During our weekend I will lead you through a healing meditation and several creative experiences including making your own signature essential oil blend, dot mandala meditative art and chakra bracelets.  It’s my hope that the tools we share connect you to your heart, ignite your creative fire and open you up a whole new view of what’s possible!
I’d love you to join us! If you have any questions please see our contact info below.
Amy and David Butler’s home, 218 Mt. Parnassus Drive, Granville, OH 43023
Join the Butler family cats and enjoy the warmth of our indoor and outdoor gardens!
Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th 2019
Saturday 10/5 : 9am – 5pm ( 5pm – 6:30 pm Social Hour )
Sunday 10/6 : 9am – 3pm
$600 made in 3 payments of $200 if you like. For signing up you’ll enjoy $100 off our next global event or $200 off a global workshop if you bring a friend!
Email , call 740-587-2841 Sign up here: AWAKEN

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