Design Challenge – Textiles: Digitizing themes like Paint by Numbers,  Retro Postcards, Animal Portrait Tea Towels, Bird’s-Eye View Spoonflower prints its June 2019 design challenge with deadlines and guidelines

Spoonflower announces its design challenge themes for June 2019.

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Announcing June’s Design Challenge Themes

Paint by Numbers | Entries due by May 28

Are you ready for a blast from the past? First invented in 1950, paint-by-numbers kits took the arts-and-crafts industry by storm when they guaranteed a masterpiece even on your first attempt! While your repeating design may take a bit longer to design than a traditional paint-by-numbers kit, it should capture the iconic styles found in the beginner-friendly technique: full opacity, crisp solid line work, clearly defined areas of color and a simplified take on your subject matter. Don’t forget: your entries should be colored in; please leave the black and white only designs for our coloring book challenges!

Entries will be previewed at the fat quarter size: 21” x 18”. Submissions close May 28 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins May 30. Winners will be announced June 6.

Retro Postcards | Entries due by June 4

Calling all worldly explorers and adventure seekers! This week’s Retro Postcard Design Challenge is sure to get your creative wheels spinning. Inspired by vacation memories with a vintage flair, now’s the time to experiment with texture, showcase your typography skills or celebrate your most exciting travels. Whether your globetrotting takes you by boat, train, airplane or even car, remember that your design entry must be a repeating pattern.

Entries will be previewed at the fat quarter size: 21” x 18”. Submissions close June 4 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins June 6. Winners will be announced June 13.

Animal Portrait Tea Towels | Entries due by June 11

Inspired by the adorable wall art taking nurseries by storm, this week’s challenge will have you creating a frame-worthy animal portrait that will pop on a linen cotton canvas fat quarter or a ready-made Roostery tea towel. Whether you apply your signature design style to illustrate a close-up of a baby animal face or complete a family-style standing portrait packed with personality (bears with bagpipes anyone?), make sure you have a wall hanging in mind. You may even be inspired to create an entire collection on the theme that’s perfect for kids’ rooms!

An important note about the preview for this week’s challenge: Your design will automatically be previewed on a Special Edition Spoonflower Tea Towel during voting. Jump ahead to learn more about the ins and outs of formatting your entry to ensure a picture-perfect preview!

Entries will be submitted at the Linen Cotton Canvas fat quarter size (27″ x 18”) but automatically previewed during voting as a Roostery x Spoonflower Special Edition Tea Towel. Submissions close June 11 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins June 13. Winners will be announced June 20.

Bird’s-Eye View | Entries due by June 18

Most of us spend our days with our feet firmly on the ground, which makes seeing things from a higher perspective extra special! For this week’s design challenge, we are taking flight to see the world through the eyes of our feathered friends in the sky. From farming field patchworks and grids of city streets to winding paths of rivers and speckled crowds at the beach, what do you see from a bird’s-eye view?

Entries will be previewed at the fat quarter size: 21” x 18”. Submissions close June 18 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins June 20. Winners will be announced June 27.