Magazine- Digital Craft: Filled with tutorials on creative photography, June 2019 issue of the Practical Photography magazine will soon shutter speed into Newsstands 

The June 2019 issue of Practical Photography will soon be out!

Read the press release.

The June 2019 issue of Practical Photography will be with you very soon! Get all this and much more…

Exclusive discount
Get 20% off a range of SRB filter holders and filter sets with our exclusive discount. Choose from soft and hard grads, full NDs and landscape sets.

Learn Photography Now
Join the Practical Photography team as they explore the North Wales coastline in search of iconic landscapes. Includes advice on filters, composition, ICM and lots more!

The creative guide to modern landscapes
Add a contemporary twist to your scenic images with five new ways to shoot, from moody minimalism to extreme focal lengths. Plus, Doug Chinnery charts his journey from traditionalist to abstract pioneer.

Shoot portraits with creative lighting
Louise Carey explores three innovative ways available light can be used to add interest to your people pictures, from the soft beauty of window light to after-dark atmosphere.

Reader showcase
Paul Scott is obsessed with skateboarding and spends every waking hour trying to nail the perfect trick. Find out how he creates his gravity-defying images.

Know your stuff
Common photo myths busted, large-format explained, filter systems for every budget, ISO vs ASA, and many more of your questions answered.

The edit
Clean up with the Content Aware Fill function, selectively improve exposure with Levels and Layer Masks, and play with shadows for a creative twist.

Camera know-how
The final instalment of our in-depth guide takes a detailed look at macro lenses and offers real-world advice on how you can improve your extreme close-ups.

Get into gear
Discover the nine most essential landscape photography upgrades from £119, go full-frame with Canon’s budget-conscious RP, and choose from the five best RAW editing programs.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

Practical Photography editorial team.

PS. Taken any amazing spring-themed images recently? If so you’re in luck because we’ll be launching a subscriber-exclusive photo comp very soon with a decidedly seasonal theme. We’ll be emailing details to you in the next few weeks so watch this space!

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 9th May 2019.


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