Reminisce of a Crafter: The Act of Contentment is Great Gain

Emmy writes about her gain in practising the act of contentment

Everytime I see a craft product, I desire it because a must-have mentality or desire overpowers me and I start ordering.

I flooded my home with so many craft products and used so little of these products and these have wearied me so much that it caused a strain on me.

Overtime, craft items have progressed, for example, it was embossing boards before, it is now craft dies, embossing plates with machines and many more. I don’t need to pressure myself to get craft products because I know in due time, new ones will emerge.

Except I truly need a craft product, that is if it is needed and I have no alternative then will I buy it.

I am trying to make use of what I already have due to curbing my wants and also the rate at which some companies do high-price their craft products, even if they are affordable for me, have made me use these as a yardstick to help me spend less.

I have learned to be contented which has brought me great gain. I have saved a lot. My craft room is neater than before.

I have stopped all subscriptions. I don’t get into debt. I now live within my means.

Best of all, I craft more by making maximum use of what I already have.