Correcting the “fallacy” that the We R Memory Keeper’s Foil Quill Pen will not work with any power bank, a Crafter takes to Create and Craft Facebook page to educate all

A crafter, Jenny,  reveals on Create and Craft TV’s Facebook page that the Foil Quill Pen will work with equivalent/more powerful power banks found much cheaper elsewhere.

From the screenshot

Re: Foil Quill power bank:

Please read carefully as equivalent/more powerful power banks can be found much cheaper elsewhere, and Create and Craft’s claims that other power banks will not work with the foil quill are 100% FALSE.

Their powerbank is very expensive for a low voltage USB bank – you will get better for cheaper, and YES you CAN use one you buy from a supermarket.

Please feel free to check with your fellow users for what power banks/chargers they use.

You CAN use the foil quill with any USB power bank, most phone chargers and computer usb ports, as well as plugging it in to your ScanNCut – my personal preference is not to plug in the ScanNCut.

“On the We R Memory Keepers show at 12:00, with Hannah Oxberry and Rachel Pierman, they are desperately trying to flog the Iconbit 4400mAh power bank.

Rachel said something like “If you buy it from the supermarket, then it will be the wrong, and it won’t work, due to heat distribution or something similar”. She said that this one had been sourced to work with the Foil Quill pens. It’s the one Ideal World also sells.

The Foil Quill pens will work with any USB Power Bank, most phone chargers, and computer USB ports, including the one on the ScanNCuts.”


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