Craft Company- Publishing: Founded in May 2019 by Kerry Bogert, here to fill a void in the self-publishing industry, Craft Industry Alliance writes about Maker Books

According to a post by Craft Industry Alliance, Maker Books Helps self-publishers create high-quality books and patterns.

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Maker Books Helps Self-Publishers Create High-Quality Books and Patterns

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the acceptance of self-publishing. Once looked down upon as something you did when you couldn’t find a “real” publisher to buy your book, today self-publishing is an artisanal act of creative control.

Creating a high-quality, self-published book is not without complexity, though. Writing, editing, design, production, marketing, and distribution are each areas that need focused attention, often requiring a team of professionals to assemble for each project.

That’s where Maker Books comes in. Founded last month by Kerry Bogert, a veteran in the craft publishing industry, Maker Books strives to fill that void, guiding artists and designers through the self-publishing process from start to finish.

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