Craft News: After being bombarded with email due to not being seen on Create and Craft TV for sometime, Racheal Pierman pacifies crafters with a message on Twitter that she has left Create and Craft TV

According to a tweet by Racheal Pierman on Twitter, she has left Create and Craft TV.

From the screenshot.

Hi, if you’ve watched me on c&c, you will know I have disappeared! To those kindly asking after me and contacting me, I say this; I wish all the amazing generous lovely crafty folk out there all the love in the World. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support &

emails through the last few years. I will miss you all, the laughter, the team, and the job! It’s true that sadly I am no longer on c&c. I wish her luck & all who sail in her the very best voyage..! Life happens for a reason, they say, time to find out what that reason is for me!

It’s time to Go Blossom…!! Please feel free to share within the crafting community..! Over and out x

Oh.. and remember to always be “shiiinnnnyyyy”!!! ??❤️???



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  1. Fantastic article. I previousally to spend alot of my time yachting and playing sports. It was most certainly the most special period of my childhood and your post somehow brought back me of that period of my life. Thanks

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