Craft News: After being bombarded with email due to not being seen on Create and Craft TV for sometime, Racheal Pierman pacifies crafters with a message on Twitter that she has left Create and Craft TV

According to a tweet by Racheal Pierman on Twitter, she has left Create and Craft TV.

From the screenshot.

Hi, if you’ve watched me on c&c, you will know I have disappeared! To those kindly asking after me and contacting me, I say this; I wish all the amazing generous lovely crafty folk out there all the love in the World. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support &

emails through the last few years. I will miss you all, the laughter, the team, and the job! It’s true that sadly I am no longer on c&c. I wish her luck & all who sail in her the very best voyage..! Life happens for a reason, they say, time to find out what that reason is for me!

It’s time to Go Blossom…!! Please feel free to share within the crafting community..! Over and out x

Oh.. and remember to always be “shiiinnnnyyyy”!!! 😘💋❤️😜🤗🤗



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