Dave Bradford, Craft TV presenter, navigates to Create and Craft TV, days after posting that he need to spend more time at home and redress his work/life balance

According to a new post dated 6th June 2019 by Dave Bradford on his Facebook page, he is returning to Create and Craft TV after posting days ago(29th of May 2019) that he need to spend more time at home and redress his work/life balance.(See the previous post here( http://craftersengagement.com/2019/05/crafters-take-to-dave-bradford-craft-presenter-facebook-page-to-bid-farewell-as-he-reveals-that-he-is-leaving-hochanda-tv/)

From the screenshot.

Hi everyone – so here’s part two of my news… I wanted it to come from me personally, again just so I can explain to you all my decision in my own words and why it’s the right thing for me and my family.

I am excited to announce that I will be rejoining Create & Craft from Monday 10th June. I left the company in 2016 because the way the company was being run didn’t align to my personal values and it was a very negative and unhappy place to be for me (that was no secret in the industry at that time).

It’s been a hell of a journey since then for me and not always for the good but the decisions I have made have been with the best of intentions and with positivity and hope at heart. I believe that everything happens for a reason and at a time where I need to be at home more for my family, I was approached by the new management at Create & Craft and offered an opportunity that works for them and for me and I’m delighted.

Under its new management and with a new vision, the company is a very different place to that which I left three years ago and I am excited, optimistic and very much looking forward to being part of that change and it’s onward future success.

I’m very aware that there are people with strong allegiances to both C&C and Hochanda and yes, they are, of course direct competitors but let’s not forget, I have dear friends and colleagues at both and so for me it isn’t a ‘them or us’ decision and I wish both channels every success – it’s a big world and they are different enough to both flourish independently of one another.

My decision is wholly focused on what’s most important to me, and that is my family, my health and my happiness. I have loved my time at Hochanda as I’ve said already and I’m now equally as happy and excited to be rejoining C&C and starting the next chapter in my life story with them.

Onwards and upwards, thank you everyone for your kind words and support over the last week or two, I’m truly humbled and see you back on air next week!!

Best wishes