Beading: “Exploding with Color – New Wood BEADS” Fire Mountain Gems string as they showcase the Hemp Cord and the new colourful Wood Beads made from natural sustainable Taiwanese cheesewood

Fire Mountain Gems present new colourful Wood Beads and Hemp Cord for beading.

Read the press release.

Exploding with Color – New Wood BEADS

These natural wood beads are lightweight, making them perfect for use by the plenty in your beading projects and come in a variety of colors for every taste. The production of these beads is also sustainable, making them environmentally friendly as well as fashionable. Environmentally fashionable jewelry? That sounds like we’re on to something here …

Now that you’ve got your new wood beads, it would be a shame if you didn’t have any cord to go with them. Hemptique® provides a variety of colors and over 200 feet per spool so you’ll have plenty of room to work. If you can’t decide on a color, you can also pick up a package of assorted cords containing four colors in 30-foot sections.

Happy beading,

Chris, Stuart and Sophie


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