Copyright War: Photos included, Crafters left in pandemonium and speechlessness as Clarity Stamp has been cited of allegedly using copyrighted images from the book of illustrations by Romain de Tirtoff(pen name,  Erte)

Clarity Stamp is said of allegedly using copyrighted images from the book of illustrations by Romain de Tirtoff(pen name,  Erte).

Here is a post by Tracy Basten.

Admin were recently contacted with some information that lead us to look into Clarity Stamps.

That information was checked out and the image was found in a book of illustrations by Romain de Tirtoff, who used the pseudonym Erte. Erte was a 20th-century artist and designer in an array of fields, including fashion, jewellery, graphic arts, costume and set design for film, theatre, and opera, and interior decor.

We then looked at more closely at other Clarity stamps and stencils and found several more of Erte’s images had been used, see photos. As soon as we realised Erte’s work had been used, we contacted the relevant people who deal with Erte’s who passed it to their legal team.

The next day we found that the products had been removed from her website. It would also appear that she had also used the images in books she has written and they are for sale on Amazon. His books can be purchased from Dover Publications BUT the images are “Reserved Copyright” NO one can use them to make money with, or for any other reason.

We have also uncovered several images from clothing sales websites and dressmaking patterns that she has used, see photos. When designers purchase images from respectable image web sites such as Shutterstock, Getty etc and then purchase the commercial licence to make and sell using the images, that is fine with us as long as the designer does NOT claim to have designed the stamp. On this occasion, Barbara has fallen foul of the golden rule . . . DON’T use other people’s images.




  1. I bet the majority are at it to be fair.
    Really doesn’t give you faith, does it?
    Well I really do need to stop supporting these people.

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