Craft Company: Cynthia Morris, the owner of PA Distribution in Eugene Oregon, acquires Leisure Arts Inc, near Little Rock, Arkansas

According to a statement by Leisure Arts, the Leisure Arts Inc, near Little Rock, Arkansas is now owned by Cynthia Morris, the owner of PA Distribution in Eugene Oregon.

Read the press release.

Creative Arts Industry Announcement 

It is with pleasure that we announce to our customers, vendors and the creative arts industry that Leisure Arts Inc, located near Little Rock, Arkansas, has been acquired today by Cynthia Morris, who is also the proud owner of PA Distribution (Petersen-Arne) in Eugene Oregon.

PA Distribution is a wholesale distributor of over 500 national brands and a manufacturer of thousands of crafting items, namely the Paper Accents brand of mixed media and paper crafting products as well as an expanding and broad line of basic crafting components.

Leisure Arts has an extensive 48 year history of supplying educational publications and products to the crafter and creative marketplace. Leisure Arts has a strong and trusted brand with the consumer and a reputation for quality content. As a distributor, a manufacturer, an educator and a publisher, Leisure Arts has long been a predictor of trends and has helped to drive market categories for decades.

Likewise, PA is a distributor, a manufacturer, a logistics house and an online fulfillment company. In support of each other under common ownership, this range of resources will be significant mutually, providing solutions for our wholesale customers. We seek to provide the best possible products and logistics to the crafting consumer.


The acquisition is a merger of equals, allowing both companies to benefit from the synergistic strengths of each other. The values for Made in America products and Woman-Owned business will launch the two companies forward with enthusiasm and integrity.


Leisure Arts has had a number of owners over its proud 48 year history. Cynthia Morris is dedicated to continuing Leisure Art’s legacy and celebrate that history with a 50th Anniversary on the horizon. PA Distribution is also celebrating a 60th Anniversary this year, serving and providing solutions for customers. PA is one of the last champions for the independent American retailer and a proud member of the Sierra Pacific Crafts buying group.


Both companies have strong and loyal employees representing decades of commitment to the crafting and creative industries. These common values and company cultures will blend and thrive as the two companies lever the strengths of each other. Shared ownership will forge new brands and continue to gain recognition for quality products and value to the consumer.


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