Home Cooking- Confectionery: Peach Ice-Cream

The summer holiday has started.

For our home cooking project, we made quick Peach Ice-cream using canned peaches and Ice-cream. Prepare over-night to allow it set without disturbance.


Canned Peaches or Apricots x 3 (You can use less or more, I love the ice-cream to be and taste fruity)

Ice-Cream x 1 tub(Let it defrost but not watery)


Blender- Jug(for Liquid)

Mixing bowl

Spoon for mixing



Step 1: Sieve the peaches from the juice. Set the juice aside. Put the peaches in a blender.


Step 2:  Grind until it is smooth.


Step 3: Split the Icecream in the tub into halves to enable you to mix the peach puree thoroughly without overflowing.

Mix the Peach Pureé with the icecream.


Step 4: Put the Peach Ice-cream in the freezer to set.


Step 7: Serve and enjoy with sliced peaches. You can drizzle the juice from the canned peaches over the ice-cream (Do not drizzle too much juice).

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