Home Cooking: Yam Dishes- Fried Yam Chips and Fried Eggs

For our home cooking project, we made fried yam chips and enjoyed it with fried eggs.


Yam x 1\2 tuber

Sunflower oil


Scotch bonnet x 1

Fresh eggs x 2

Seasoning cubes.



Step 1: Cut and slice the yam into long strips.


Step 2: Put the yam strips in a can. Pour warm water to cover the yam strips. Add a little salt and leave for two or more hours.


Step 3: Slice the tomatoes and scotch bonnet.


Step 4: Add one cooking spoon of sunflower oil to the frying pan. Add the sliced tomatoes and pepper. Cook under low heat. Add the seasoning cubes and spices.


Step 5: Break the eggs and add them to the sliced tomatoes and pepper in the frying pan.


Step 6: Using a fork, beat the eggs so that they mix with the tomatoes in the frying pan.


Step 7: Serve the fried yam chips with the fried egg.